What is a Relaxation Specialist? 

A Relaxation Specialist is someone who offers an interdisciplinary approach to helping individuals learn the necessary tools for self-managing the challenges in their lives to achieve their life goals and bring out their best self. Reaching a state of relaxation helps us access the answers that already lie within ourselves to move our lives forward. Rooted in positive psychology, the approach of a Relaxation Specialist is to assist an individual in getting to a state of relaxation and quiet the stress chatter of the mind so as to free ourselves up to see the solutions that are already present yet clouded by high levels of stress, negative thought patterns, unhelpful past experience dwelling, and personal narratives that no longer serve us well. 

What happens in a relaxation session? 

In the beginning, we discuss what you'd like to explore in each session. Our needs change on a daily basis! Some days you may need a deep relaxation nap with massage and hot stones. Other days, you may need support through conversation and tools that help you solve current life-stressors. A helpful way to view a relaxation session is that as your practitioner, I'm your tour guide. I will show you the landscape and facilitate the tour. You get to decide which tour you enjoy most, what souvenirs are most meaningful to you, and which historical facts are most memorable to you. What's in the souvenirs shop?

*Mindfulness Strategies


*Neuro-linguistic Programming

*Guided meditation and breath work

*Therapeutic massage

*Reiki Energy work

*Foot reflexology

*Stress management tools

*Safe, nonjudgmental space

*Inner-self discovery

*Positive change/transition support


The expectation of clients I agree to work with...

My support is not a one-size fits all. If I genuinely sense that my skills will not be helpful to you I will let you know. If you're here reading this it's because you're needing solutions and relief, not another way to waste time. Likewise, it doesn't serve me well to provide support that isn't utilized. My expectation of my clients is that when you make the decision to ask for my assistance, you come with an open mind and ready to make changes in your life. I can't fix you, only you can do that. But I can provide the tools to support you and help you breakthrough. My goal in our work together is to empower you to achieve the life you want, not hold you hostage for many years of discussing the negative past. Time is precious, life is precious! My desire is to help you enjoy the gift of the present.  

What will this cost you?

My fees are the same regardless of which route/method you choose and can have more than one method per session. (i.e. 30 minutes mindfulness practice, 30 minutes massage):  

60 minutes - $50-$70 (sliding scale)

90 minutes - $80-$100 (sliding scale)

120 minutes - $150 

*I do not accept tips, offer additional discounts, or package deals. 

* I DO accept all major credit/debit cards and health saving account cards (that operate like debit cards).